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How easily does HDVMixer fit into a station?

HDVMixer is an add-on video server which runs separately from the station’s radio automation system. Situational awareness and video automation are accomplished via HDVMixer’s SmartCAM interface box; providing the studio with:

 8x audio console mic fader status input(GPI)

 6x microphone (post preamp) audio level meter

 3rd party radio automation software metadata input

HDVMixer is compatible with most radio automation solutions in the market.

Typical Installation

HDVMixer uses nondisruptive and hardware-agnostic technology. It seamlessly integrates to the station’s
operational practices and equipment.

HDVMixer's Functionalities

Character Generator with auto-update

 Current track’s title, performer and other metadata can be displayed as an overlay.

 Headline news, temperature, and social media feeds are updated automatically every 60 seconds.

 Up to 35 layers of text and images can be active at any given time.

Studio Camera Options

 Lots of camera types available: USB, HDMI, HD-SDI.

 Built-in PTZ camera controller with preset based sequence recoding. PTZ presets can either be triggered manually using a USB control pad, or automatically using AutoVJ automation rules.

 Using SmartCAM interface and PTZ cameras, it’s easy to make studio cameras slowly zoom in on the person who is on air.

 Dual sequence automation: when one camera goes on-air, all the others can be forced to a full zoom-out preset. This makes efficient use of the PTZ camera resource, as all inactive cameras are ready to go on-air and start zooming in on anyone in the studio.

Live remotes, now with audio & video

 Supports the use of any RTMP stream as a video feed. Can playback both audio and video from remotes using low cost RTMP encoders.

 Supports smarthpone H.264 feeds using HDVMixer’s built-in RTMP server (requires fixed IP at the station).

 Airlink remote desktop grabber displays images/live video/browser from any PCs in the studio connected through Wi-Fi/wired.

 Skype video call support.

 Professional remote Live Video Over IP gear also supported: Live-U and COMREX Liveshot.

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