TL SERIES INVERTER Solar Inverters EVO1500 - EVO2000 - EVO3000 - EVO4000 - EVO5000 - EVO6000 - EVO10000 - EVO12500


TL SERIES INVERTER Solar Inverters EVO1500 - EVO2000 - EVO3000 - EVO4000 - EVO5000 - EVO6000 - EVO10000 - EVO12500


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Sirio EVO range uses new technologies and quality components that are sized to a wide margin based on normal operation, which can balance routine machine maintenance without sacrificing operating flexibility. The new digital control of all power stages provides low-precision network interruptions to prevent unwanted interruptions in structure changes or micro-interrupts. The Sirio EVO inverters integrate the protectors against the input and output voltage sags. It is especially equipped with control devices and surplus protection during the output stage, guaranteeing working efficiency and continuity.
MPPT Devices
The Sirio EVOs 1500 is equipped with a new MPPT device that allows the inverter to utilize the maximum power of the photovoltaic generator power. Thanks to the fast response times, the inverters allow maximum power to be generated by photovoltaic panels, which are always available in all weather conditions.
Ease of installation and use
Thanks to the use of the NPC topology with an IP65 protection rating allowing the inverter to be placed next to the generator, the large input values ​​simplify DC-side cable connections, reducing losses and limiting installation costs. The LCD panel mounted on the dashboard allows simple and intuitive viewing of all important information such as power, generated energy and faults, and recalls other parameters such as mains voltage, photovoltaic module voltage and mains voltage.
Simple communication
All models on the shelf have a standard serial RS485 and USB (ModBUS and Ethernet optional) connection. In this way, they provide all the information locally accessible from the screen remotely. The inverter also has a built-in data logger that records the production data every day for about two years, and also stores the actual data at a frequency that can be set between 5 and 60 minutes. In addition, a simple set-up night consultation function can be set to allow the inverter inquiry via the RS485 / 422 bus, USB or slot cards during the night when the device is turned off by default.
Reduced noise
The Sirio EVO photovoltaic inverters are equipped with static electronic devices without rotating parts and without cooling fans. The noise level of the device is significantly reduced and prevents frequent exposure of a component to maintenance or malfunction.

Internal GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Breaker) According to
CEI 64-8 / 7, Art. 712.413., Section 712, the Sirio EVO photovoltaic inverters are equipped with an improved protective circuit which constantly monitors the leakage current in the ground. This protection is actually a Class B differential. In the event of a ground fault, the converter is switched off and a red LED on the front control panel and a fault code are displayed.

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