The new Tescom solar converter series allows UPS systems to be powered by solar energy. The Tescom solar converter is specifically designed to work with Tescom DS | Power series UPS systems. Utilizing the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MGNT) algorithm, it achieves the highest level of efficiency. Tescom solar converters can be used in parallel to provide solar energy support to higher power UPS units.

Higher efficiency using MGNT algorithm
• Wide input voltage range
• Overload protection
• Load short circuit protection
• Soft start feature
• External emergency power-off input
• RS232 interface
• CAN interface
• Adjustable current limit
• High charge current capability
• Parallel can be used
• Adjustable LCD panel orientation
• DSP control
• Rack and wall mounting options • Adjustable
output voltage
• Real time (RTC) information capture
• Advanced error detection
• IGBT technology
• Adjustable Photovoltaic voltage limit
• Adjustable Photovoltaic voltage limit
• Flexible battery capacity
• Adjustable battery charging current limit
• Battery charge setting according to temperature
• 110% overload limit
• Short circuit protection
• Output fuse
• Adjustable output voltage
• Interactive control
• 2-button LCD front panel with led indicator
• Modbus adapter (optional)
• 5000 alarm records with time and date grippiness
• 2 year guarantee
• 10-year spare parts guarantee

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