HYBRID UPS 10kVA - 15kVA - 20kVA - 30kVA - 40kVA - 60kVA - 80kVA - 100kVA - 120kVA - 160kVA


HYBRID UPS 10kVA - 15kVA - 20kVA - 30kVA - 40kVA - 60kVA - 80kVA - 100kVA - 120kVA - 160kVA


The main feature of the Hybrid UPS systems are that they are capable of generating electricity from Solar, Batteries, Grid or Emergency Generator, in a controlled manner.

• Uniterruptible power by solar energy, grid and battery
• Return of investment
• MPPT Algorithm
• Solar energy storage
• Intelligent controller
• 100% stabilized output power
• Emengency generator

• The new hybrid technology automatically chooses the most economical and ecological power solution to the customer.
• Primarily works from solar energy to return your investment.
• MPPT algorithm provides maximum energy available in the PV panels to the load connected at the output of the solar converter. Solar Converter arranges power redundancy automatically.
• Battery bank stores the unused clean energy and protects you against power failure-blackout.
• The intelligent controller offers real time status information. The different energy flows can be setup according weather data and/or customer profiles.
• As a conventional on-line UPS, it always offers full protection against any kind of power problem without any internal switching.
• The hybrid system combines solar energy, grid, battery or emergency generator.

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Solar System Application

The following gıidelines must be followed in order to ensure the maximum benefit from solar system;
• The most important part of the solar system is the photovoltaic panel! Therefore a Tier-1 class polycrystalline solar panel would be a good choice for long term solar energy harvesting.
• Check the azimuth angle of the PV installation area. Azimuth angle should to be zero to maximize the solar energy gained from the sun.
• The tilt angle must be checked and that should be set to local optimum tilt angle. That value is about 30 degree for Turkey and Europe.
• Installation and electrical works must be performed by expert teams.

Normalized productions: Nominal power 10.00 kWp


The Reality


Grid Unavailable

In case of power failure the requested energy is coming from the solar panels and/or batteries. The backup time vary with the connected load and the power of panels/batteries.The backup time vary with the connected load and the power of panels/batteries. 
Without solar energy, the load is directly supplied by the batteries.


Unavailability of grid, solar and battery group

Hybrid UPS system automatically starts the emergency generator when the solar energy, batteries and grid are unavailable.



Traditional UPS (DS300 Series)

The connected load is powerded by our DS300 online double conversion UPS ith the latest tecnology. The energy comes from the grid or from the batteries in case of a power blackout.




Hybrid ups senses the avability of solar power, grid power and the battery power for supping the connected loads using tne most economical and ecological combination of these energy sources. TGc series solar converter is connected to the DC bus of the Hybrid UPS and solar group is set as the primary energy source.
Diesel generator stars automatically in case of solar energy, grid and battery group unavailability. This feature will greatly simplify your life where there is no electrical network.
In addition to the hybrid operation, intelligent controller provides you “real time monitoring”. That function is fully designed by Tescom and avilable for smart phones. All you need is an internet connection.