CENTRAL SERIE INVERTER Solar Inverters K12 - K15 - K18 - K25 - K33 - K40 - K64 - K80 - K100 - K200


CENTRAL SERIE INVERTER Solar Inverters K12 - K15 - K18 - K25 - K33 - K40 - K64 - K80 - K100 - K200


• Low frequency isolation transformer
• High conversion efficiency
• Full rated power at maximum 45 ° C temperature
• 10% overload in 1 hour
• Speed ​​regulated fans to maximize efficiency
• Color LCD touch screen with data logger function
• Front fully enterable
• 2 expansion slots for connecting communication boards
• MCCB on AC side and switch on DC side

Sirio Central inverters suitable for operation with modules that require a pole grounding provide a direct connection to the low voltage grid and provide galvanic isolation compared to direct current installations. The values ​​of the transformer and other inverter components provide the highest return of the same category of machines.

Maximum energy and safety
The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) search algorithm applied in the control system of the Sirio Central inverters ensures full utilization of the photovoltaic generator in all radiation and temperature conditions and ensures continuous operation of the plant with maximum efficiency. In the absence of gustatory radiation, the converter enters the standby mode and resumes normal operation when the radiation is again. This feature reduces consumption to a minimum and maximizes energy efficiency. The use of speed-controlled fans helps to maximize the overall efficiency of the inverter. The operation of the fan depending on the temperature also increases the expected life and reduces the costs for extraordinary maintenance. All these design features,

Reduce heat ratio Reduce the
ratio as a temperature function that aims to protect against pressure ventilation failures without overheating the semiconductors in the temperature environments above the mounting features or causing the inverter itself to be completely blocked. The Sirio Central models provide an average rated power output at a maximum 45 ° C temperature. If this threshold is exceeded, the power supplied to the inverter network will gradually decrease to keep the temperature of the heat sink within the maximum limit. When the inverter returns to its normal thermal operating range again, it regenerates at the optimal operating point to provide maximum power transfer.

User interface
The Sirio Central inverters provide a range of new user interfaces consisting of a convenient 4.3 'format LCD color touchscreen. This is an evolution that follows the interactive functioning of the touch functions by allowing the PV system to set its main parameters and interface with the system. The device can perform data logger functions, record all parameters in database for more than 5 years, and graphically view all variables (power, energy, AC / DC, AC / DC voltage, frequency, temperature and reactive power inverter). The new screen has a USB port for data backup and upgrading of the software program, and is compatible with both the PVSER proprietary protocol on the network and ModBUS / TCP.

Easy installation and maintenance
The area covered by these devices is significantly reduced. Since electronics and power components are fully accessible from the front, there is no need to leave a space next to or behind the equipment. Fully automatic operation provides ease of use, facilitating installation and operation. This prevents installation and configuration errors that can lead to failures and reduced plant productivity.

Personal solutions
TESCOM can supply Sirio Central inverters, which are tailored to the needs of the customer on request. Available options consist of an integrated isolation control and pole / ground line connection (positive or negative) required for some types of photovoltaic modules.

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