Ableton Live Wireless Keyboard - Slimline PC/Mac


Ableton Live Wireless Keyboard - Slimline PC/Mac


Our first Wireless Ableton Live Keyboard.

You love making music in Ableton Live but you're just like us and hate wires all around your computer. Well your new Editors Keys Wireless Ableton Live Keyboard is the perfect solution. 

It comes with the newest 2.4ghz wireless technology and allows you to connect to any Mac or PC wirelessly. We even include the dongle for you.

Over 2-6 months battery life. (Requires 2 X AA Batteries)

2.4ghz Wireless (USB port required for dongle.).

1 year warranty included

Mac and PC Compatible.

The Editors Keys Dedicated Ableton Live Keyboard is compatible with all versions of Ableton Live.


Power to the people

Your new Wireless Ableton Live Keyboard still contains all of the programs shortcuts so you will not only have a clutter free desk, but also a more productive day to day experience. 

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