Sound Ideas: SFX Giant\'s Worldwide

For more than a quarter-century, Sound Ideas, based in Richmond Hill, Ontario (near Toronto), has been practically synonymous with sound effects libraries; indeed, it is the largest such operation in the world. Its offerings are broad and voluminous, encompassing thousands of FX produced inhouse, thousands more contracted from outsiders, and truckloads more licensed from such establishments as the BBC, DeWolfe, BMG and numerous top film/TV studios and producers, including Lucasfilm, Universal, Jay Ward, Hanna Barbera, and Warner Bros. Keeping up with everything it releases is almost impossible: If you only bought its most recent offerings you\'d have thousands of FX to wade through—the latest installment in its massively popular Series 6000 (Extension V); Guns ("a library of the highest calibre," according to the company\'s description); Sony Pictures Sound Effects (available for the first time!)

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